Take advantage of being an Expat and get a better Insurance in Spain

It is improbable that you will need all insurances on the market. But how do you know if your money is going on the policies you need the most? Expat Agency assists you get a better quotation and service when taking out an insurance in Spain. This service is exclusive for expatriates, so you will need a NIE to get this service.

insurance in Spain

We assist you

Usually we hear about different types of insurance policies without really discerning what they are and more particularly, how they protect you and your family members. The fact is, there are two major types of insurance, i. e. life insurance and general insurance which covers different points in your life.

Exclusive for Expats in Spain

Exclusive for Expats in Spain

We have very special agreements with insurance companies such as Caser and Liberty. Insured parties need a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero or Foreigners Identification Number) in order to get any of these types of insurance and their advantage of hiring them with us.

Types of Insurance

 Health Insurance
 Dental Insurance
Auto Insurance
 Home Insurance
 Business Insurance

 Life Insurance

5 REASONS to rely on us

1. We are a professional team and speak your language
2. You will always find many other useful services for foreigners with us
3. We are native Spanish and well aware of the Spanish burocracy and its paperwork
4. We use different tools to find you the best insurance if needed
5. We just work for expatriates!

Why should I take out an insurance in Spain with Expat Agency?

 You get a better quote for being an expatriate and taking out an insurance though us
Quickly and easily submit your application for a free insurance quote
We are an independent agency with the expatriate in mind

We have agreements with several insurance companies
 You can get assistance with documentation related to the insurance right here (NIE, certified translations, permits, etc.)


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