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IMPORTANT: can I or my family member apply?
Please notice only an EU citizen’s spouse or registered couple (or holding a similar situation) and children (18-) can apply for this card. If you plan to bring your mother, father, brother, sister, etc., please note it will be quite difficult to get this residence permit for them.

Can I apply in Spain?
Yes, you can. And you can incredibly apply even if you have arrived unlawfully by air or boat or your visa already expired long time ago.

Important: an I apply in Spain?
Yes, you can. And you can incredibly apply even if you have arrived unlawfully by air or boat or your visa already expired long time ago. In case the EU family member lives in a country where it is quite difficult to get a visa to Spain from, then you will need to apply for the equivalent visa from its nearest Spanish embassy or consulate.

How long does it take?
It depends on the Spanish authorities (foreigners’ office and police offices) . However, the first ones must provide a decision within the first 90 days and, after that, the police usually takes up to 6 weeks to issue your residence card.

May it be rejected?
If you meet the requirements and you follow our instructions, it should be fine. Indeed, this is one of the most successful residence permits to apply for.

How long is this card for?
5 years. If you still are a family member of this EU citizen by then and you still meet the requirements to apply for this card, you will be able to apply for a permanent residence permit in Spain.

This EU Family Member Card is the most usual and successful option

We have already been assisting many families from all around the world from 8 years ago, so we know very well how this works and what the foreigners’ and police offices ask for.

The EU Family Member Card

This “five year card” we are talking about, it is a very usual residence permit in Spain when the non-EU applicant has an EU family member living in Spain (please, remember: spouse or registered couple or holding a similar situation and/or children). 

Basically, the requirements for this card are:

  • Working in Spain or having monthly incomes or savings according to the minimum inter-professional salary in Spain;
  • In case the EU citizen is not working in Spain, you will need a full private health insurance;
  • The EU citizen must apply for his EU residence certificate before this application;
  • You will need some marriage/birth certificates depending on the situation.

We can assist you to apply for this residence permit around Malaga Province. At the moment, we cannot assist other applicants around Spain because we need to be present while applying for this card at the police office.

Please Notice:

This is a residence permit application process assistance, so if they accept your application, they will provide you a residence permit and then you should apply for the equivalent card at the National Police.
This is how your T.I.E. (card) will look like

This is how your T.I.E. (card) will look like

What we do for you?

Application process supervision and information
Online process arrangement and execution
Forms Management
Booking the necessary appointments
Coming with you to the Police Office
Health Insurance
Management if needed
the Public Fees at the bank

5 REASONS to rely on us

1. We are a professional team and speak your language,
2. You will always find many other useful services for foreigners with us,
3. We are native Spanish and well aware of the Spanish bureaucracy and its paperwork,
4. We use different tools to find you the best insurance if needed,
5. We just work for expatriates!

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