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Expat Agency (hereinafter, the “Agency”) fully complies with the current legislation in regards to protection of personal data. In conforming to the Organic Law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999), established the 13th of December, for the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), Francisco Javier Rodríguez Valencia as the title holder of EXPAT AGENCY, informs the user of the existence of data files of personal information created by Expat Agency and under its control and responsibility. For more information about our privacy protection, please visit https://www.spain-help.com/privacy/


Expat Agency provides the clients with a list of profit-making services relating to the foreigner’s life in Spain, both for foreigners and Spanish citizens (hereinafter known as the “Client”) though mainly for the first ones.

Expat Agency has no direct relation with public institutions and charges for its services.

This Agreement establishes the terms and conditions that apply to the hiring of any services provided by Expat Agency.


This Agency provides several services related to visas, residence permits and registration processes in Spain for its clients. The role of this Agency is not providing or renewing visas or residence permits but managing the process to obtain or renew them, advising the Client about conditions and documents to be submitted to the relevant institution.

Expat Agency has no direct relation with any public institutions and charges for its services.

Visa acquiring and renovation processing services

Expat Agency provides differents services to the Client to ensure the success of applying for several kinds of visa according to the Client possibilities and needs. This Agency DOES not guarantee success in any visa. For this, in order to obtain the required success when applying for a visa, the Client must inform the Agency with regard to any personal circumstance that may change the visa acquistion or renovation process.

  1. 2. B) Terms & Conditions of visa, residence permit and registration services

– The Agency does not guarantee success in any visa, residence permit or registration process.

– The cost of these services are published on the Agency’s website.

– This prices does not include public or application fees.

– Expat Agency reserves the right to demand advace payment to the Client.

– The Agency undertakes to provide these services for a given period of time.

– In case the Client decides to cancel the service once it has been ordered, the Agency reserves the right to keep the full advance payment or if it is defected, the Client will pay the Agency up to the 100% of the agreed price, depending on when the service is cancelled.

Registration in Spain as an EU citizen asssitance

This Agency assist European citizens to get registered in Spain according to Ley Orgánica 4/2000, de 11 de enero, sobre derechos y libertades de los extranjeros en España y su integración social which compels EU citizens staying in Spain for more than 6 months to get registered.

The rates for this services include a visit to the police and/or respective foreigners’ office. This service is limited to Malaga Province, and does not include public fees, necessary translations and other possible requirements such as empadronamiento or social security change/registration. Therefore, this service will just include full assistance to get registered and its respective visit to the police or foreigners’s office.


This Agency provides translations services for its clients. The price of this service is determinated by cost per word, although there is a minimum fee per translation depending on the nature of the translation, differentiating between general translations, technical translations and sworn or official translations.

  1. 2. A) Types of translations


A general translation is a standard translation from one language to another, i.e. that translation from a simple text that does not contain a technical language in general and does not require a sword translation.


Technical translation is a type of specialized translation involving the translation of documents produced by technical writers (owner’s manuals, user guides, etc.), or more specifically, texts which relate to technological subject areas or texts which deal with the practical application of scientific and technological information.


A sworn/official translation should be considered as a document from one language to another by an official translator, recognised by a public institution, with assurances that:

– He or she is knowledgeable in both languages in order to translate the document.

– The translation is complete and accurate.

The certified translation process creates a legally binding record recognized by Spain officials, courts and academic institutions.

  1. 2. B) Terms & Conditions of the Translation Services

– The general nature of the translation will be determinated by the Agency, without prejudice to the Client to refuse this service before being confirmed to be translated.

– The Agency reserves the right to demand advace payment to the Client.

– The Agency undertakes to deliver the translation to the Client within a period of 7 working days for general and official translations, save in exceptional circumstances.

– Every translation will be done by a native speaker of the target language, barring exceptional circumstances.

– Every sworn translation will be done by an official translator recognized by Spain officals, cours and academic institutions as “traductor jurado”.

– In case the Client decides to cancel the translation once it has been ordered, the Agency reserves the right to keep the full advance payment or if it is defected, the Client will pay the Agency the 100% of the agreed price.


This Agency provides real estate services for its clients. However, these services cannot be considered as the normal activity of a real estate agency. Expat Agency only works for present and future expatriates who need to find a property in Spain, assisting them before, during and after the rental process.

  1. A) The obligations of Expat Agency

The Agency makes the commitement to assist the Client:

– Visiting the chosen properties by the Client
– Interpreting and translating during the visits
– Advising the Client about the lease conditions and Contract

In addition to these obligations, Expat Agency is committed to assist the Client with the following household affairs for the next 25 days after the sign of the rental agreement:

– Issues with electricity, water and internet suppliers
– Schooling research and communications
– NIE (foreigners identification number) assistance
– Padron registration assistance
– Bank account opening assistance
– Health insurance registration assistance
– Any household needs that must be communicated or claimed to the owner of the property

The above services above are optional for the Client, so under no circumstance their resignation will justify any reduction nor retaining of payment to the Agency.

  1. B) The obligations of the Client

For its part, Client has the primary obligation to pay this Agency’s commission, equivalent to one month’s rent (except in a few cases*) of the rental property. Besides, the Client is committed to:

– Abstaining to rent or buy any of the properties provided by the Agency without paying the Agency’s knowledge and/or commission.
– Communicating the cancellation of the rental process to the Agency as soon as it takes place, regardless of the reason.
– Abstaining to communicate/inform others about the visited properties location in order to avoid paying the Agency’s commission.

(*) In a few cases, the landlord agrees to pay the half of the Agency’s commission (half a month’s rent). In that case, the Agency will inform this situation to the Client, who will just pay the other half of the commission to the Agency if such a property rental is achieved. This or any other reason that makes the tenants pay half a month commission will cancel the additional services offered by the Agency as described at the point number 3.1.A. In such a case, the Agency will just provide a typical intermediary service as any real estate agency.

  1. 3. D) Termination of the agreement

Any party may request the termination of the agreement at any time.

If the Agency decides to terminate the agreement, it must inform the Client within a period of 24 hours.

If the Client decides to terminate the agreement, this must becommunicated to the Agency before the list of properties is provided. If the Client decides to terminate this agreement once a list of properties has been granted by the Agency, the Client will compensate the Agency with a payment of 70€.


This Agency provides different vehicle-related services assistance for expatriates in Spain: driving licence exchange, Spanish car plates, change of vehicle ownership, etc.

Some of these services are limited to Malaga Province, and does not include public fees, necessary translations and other possible requirements such as empadronamiento or tests.


This Agency provides other kinds of profit-seeking services. Expat Agency, like any other company, charges for its services. For this reason, there is a list of prices on its website, even for services related to small administrative services.

The agency reserves the right to require the payment of the provided services to the Client, once this have been informed about prices.


The Client has 3 different payment methods:

  1. Cash.

The Client can make the payment of present and/or future services in cash at the Agency’s office at Calle Reina Doña Sofía 2, local 8, 29640 Fuengirola – Malaga, Spain.

  1. Bank transfer.

Payments are to be made directly to the Agency and by bank transfer to the following account:

IBAN: ES81 1465 0100 91 1713389500

Such payment must include the Client’s name. Besides, the Client must send a copy of the payment bank transfer to the email [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: A net transfer must be done, which means we must receive the transfer in euros and/or the exact amount of money required. Therefore, please instruct your bank that you will pay all transfer and currency exchange charges.

  1. Credit Card and PayPal.

Expat Agency provides a safe and convenient method to manage online payments through PayPal.

Credit Card: we work by on-line payment gateway protected and guaranteed by Paypal. Using this payment method, you are protected by PayPal payment services. There is a 3.5% surchage when using this payment method.

PayPal (money transfer): the Client is allowed to make a bank transfer to the PayPal account [email protected].
A copy of the payment bank transfer must be sent to the email [email protected]