• These Residence Permits in Spain are for non-EU citizens. If you are an EU citizen,
    please contact us to assist you with the EU registration in Spain assistance.
  • Most of residence permit applications are refused due to a wrong application.
  • You will be required to have legal standing in order to get any kind of residence permit.
  • If you are coming from outside Europe, you may need a VISA to enter Spain.
  • But if you are already living or staying in Spain, then you must apply for a residence permit.
  • Non-lucrative visas do not require to apply for residence permits in Spain.
  • “TIE” is (Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjero) or Foreigner Identification Card.
  • We only use all the legal forms to provide you a residence permit, if possible.


resident permits in Spain

All the necessary to fulfill the requirements

Expat Agency can help you fulfill these requirements and get a resident permit in Spain if you comply with the standards

What types of RESIDENT PERMITS in Spain can I apply for?

FAMILY REUNIFICATION WITH AN EU CITIZEN RESIDENCE PERMITThis is one of the most common residence permits in Spain. It presents a high probability of being accepted by the respective foreigner's office. It is important the family member (regrouped) applies for a family reunification with an EU visa before coming to Spain.
TEMPORARY & WORK RESIDENCE PERMITAuthorizations to reside and work in Spain, to work for others or a self-employed.
MOBILITY OF FOREIGNERS ADMITTED AS RESEARCHERS IN MEMBER STATES OF THE EUInformation about research, training or labor-related activities.
RESIDENCE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF WORK AUTHORIZATIONAssumptions in which work authorization is not needed to work in Spain.
TEMPORARY RESIDENCE AND FIXED-TERM WORKReside and work in Spain for a period of less than one year (seasonal contracts, training practices, construction or service contracts, contracts for senior management personnel).
TEMPORARY RESIDENCE AND WORK WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF TRANSNATIONAL SERVICE PROVISIONSForeigners who work in a company established in a State that does not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area and have to travel temporarily to Spain, have a minimum of one year in that activity and a minimum of nine months in that company.
ENTRY, RESIDENCE AND WORK IN SPAIN OF DIRECT OR HIGHLY QUALIFIED PERSONNELProcedure to authorize entry, residence and work economic, social or labor interest, or research or development or teaching work that requires high qualification, or artistic performances of cultural interest, whose processing and resolution corresponds to the General Directorate of Immigration.
PROFESSIONAL SPORTSMENRather stable or determined duration
TRANSBOUNDARY WORKERSWorkers who reside in border areas with Spain and move daily to work in Spain but continue to reside in their country of country of origin.
NATIONAL EMPLOYMENT SITUATIONAssumptions in which the National Employment Situation allows the hiring of foreign citizens that are not resident in Spain.

What are the general requirements to get a Resident Permit?

It depends on the kinds of resident permit you need.

Family reunification with an eu citizen – Residence Permit

  • Who can I reunificate in Spain?

– Husband or wife,

– Children under 18 years old

– Children (18+), brother, sister, mother or father if you can prove they are financially dependent on you.

  • How much does it cost?

Public fees to obtain a family reunification residence permit are free. However, there is a public fee in order to get a TIE (foreigners identification card) and register the fingerprint: €21,23. We charge €200 for a visa application process assistance and it includes:

– Obtaining an appointment at the foreigner’s office in Malaga City
– Application process supervision and information
– Forms management
– Arrangement of visa documentation issuance
– Health insurance management
– Residence permit’s application at the foreigner’s office (applicant must be present)
– Online provision of the appropriate documents required by the foreigner’s office (in case)

  • What do we need to present?

– Volantes de empadronamiento colectivo e individuales
– Marriage certificate valid in Spain and its offical translation
– Ex19 form twice
– Passports (all pages of your wife’s passport)
– Your residence card (NIE)
– Inscripción en el Censo de Actividades económicas (if you are autónomo).
– Documento de alta o situación asimilada al alta en el régimen (if you are autónomo).
– Recibo del banco última cuota de autónomo (if you are autónomo).
– Bank statements for the last 6 months (at least) from the Spanish bank account and/or savings certificate from another account translated in Spanish (official)
– Your wife/husband’s birth certificate and translation

Permanent Residence – Residence Permit

Foreigners who prove to have resided legally and continuously in Spanish territory for five years will have the right to obtain a permanent residence permit, not affecting said continuity, provided that the corresponding departures have not been made in an irregular manner:

a) Absences for vacation periods.
b) Absences of up to six months, provided that they do not exceed a total of one year.
c) Absences, duly justified, made for family reasons or health care.

The permanent residence permit will also be granted to foreigners who prove that they are in any of the following cases:

a) Residents who are beneficiaries of a retirement pension, in its contributory mode, included within the protective action of the Social Security system.

b) Residents who are beneficiaries of a pension for absolute permanent disability or great disability, in their contributory form, included within the protective action of the Social Security system or benefits analogous to the previous ones obtained in Spain and consisting of a life annuity , not capitalizable, sufficient for its support.

c) They were born in Spain and upon reaching the age of majority prove to have resided in Spain legally and continuously for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to the request.

d) That they were Spaniards of origin, having lost Spanish nationality.

e) That upon reaching the age of majority they have been under the protection of a Spanish Public Entity for at least the three consecutive years immediately preceding.

f) Stateless persons or refugees who are in Spanish territory and to whom the respective status in Spain has been recognized.

g) Foreigners who have contributed notably to the economic, scientific or cultural progress of Spain, or to the projection of Spain abroad.

The holder of the permanent residence permit will be obliged to renew the card that documents it every five years.


Tourist Visa Application Assistance€150-250
Rest of visas application (family reunification, non-lucrative, entrepreneur...)€350
Rest of visas application
(additional person)
Visa Renewal Assistance€350
Visa Renewal Assistance
(additional person)
Residence Permit Assistance€200-400**
Residence Permit Assistance (additional person)+50%**
Invitation Letter Assistance€130


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