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Does it apply for any study program in Spain?
No, it doesn’t. Please contact us and we will inform you further if your studies will be valid to get a Student Visa.
For instance, a standard Spanish Course will not be enough for this visa. It must be an intensive Spanish Course (20h/week) the least and the student center must be certified by Instituto Cervantes.
This visa isn’t just for Spanish students though. It also applies for students coming to a Spanish university or trainees taking an internship, for example. 

Can I apply in Spain?
Yes, you can apply within the first 6o days upon your arrival to the Schengen Area.

How long should the studies last?
This visa will last as long as your studies. In case your studies will last less than 90 days, you will just need to apply for a Schengen visa (in case you need one to come to Spain). If they last between 90-180 days, you will not need a residence card, but you will still need to apply for a visa. Besides, if it lasts more than 180 days, you will need to provide your criminal background.

What are the requirements?
Apart from paying the full study program in advance (except for traineeship and international mobility of students), you will need to provide enough economic assets (as any other visa to Spain) and a travel or full health insurance (depending on the duration of the study program).

Can I bring my family members with me?
Yes, you can. However, it will depend on the situation.

Will I be allowed to work in Spain?
You will be allowed to partially work in Spain and as soon as the job position is related to your studies (and it will not disrupt them). It cannot be a full-time job, indeed.

A very common situation:
extending your period of legal stay or tourist visa to take a study program in Spain

First of all, we need to say this is possible. However, it will depend on several aspects, like applying on time or meeting the legal requirements like the financial means or applying for a valid study program. 

You cannot apply for this visa after 6o days upon your arrival to the Schengen Area

The main requirement to get a Student Visa in Spain (from Spain) is presenting your application within the first 60 days upon your arrival, with no exception. In case you got another visa for 120 days (for instance), you will need to return to your place (country) of residency and apply at your nearest Spanish embassy.

Basically, the requirements for this visa are:

  • Having enough savings (livelihood) or bank balance for the required period of your studies. This is considered per day of stay and in a way similar to a tourist visa to the Schengen Area;
  • Depending on the duration of the visa, you will need a full health or travel insurance including repatriation;
  • For those study programs taking more than 6 months, you will need to present a clean criminal record;
  • You will need to book and pay the full study center fees in advance (in case of anyone).

We can assist you to apply for this visa from all around the world. Besides, if you are in Spain, we can also assist you to apply for this residence permit around Malaga Province. At the moment, we cannot assist other applicants around Spain because we need to be present while applying for this card at the police office.

Please Notice:

This is a visa or residence permit application process assistance, so if they accept your application, they will provide you a residence permit and then you should apply for the equivalent card at the National Police.
You will only need to apply for this T.I.E. (residence card) if your studies will last more than 12 months. For shorter periods, your visa or residence permit will be enough to stay in Spain.

You will only need to apply for this T.I.E. (residence card) if your studies will last more than 12 months. For shorter periods, your visa or residence permit will be enough to stay in Spain.

What we do for you?

Application process supervision and information
Online process arrangement and execution
Forms Management
Booking the necessary appointments
Coming with you to the Police Office
Health Insurance
Management if needed
the Public Fees at the bank

5 REASONS to rely on us

1. We are a professional team and speak your language,
2. You will always find many other useful services for foreigners with us,
3. We are native Spanish and well aware of the Spanish bureaucracy and its paperwork,
4. We use different tools to find you the best insurance if needed,
5. We just work for expatriates!

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