When should I exchange my driving licence in Malaga?

This is one of  the most common questions between expatriates around Spain. So, in case you are not sure about this, we highly recommend you to check our post about how to exchange your driving licence in Spain.


Actually, you can drive in Spain using a foreign driver’s licence for some period, after which all foreigners driving in Spain must obtain a Spanish driver’s licence.

All valid EU (European Union) Community and EEA (European Economic Area) driving licences are valid in Spain provided that the holder meets the minimum driving age in Spain.

So yes, it is, but only needed in some instances:

1. You are an EU citizen and a resident in Spain, but:

  •  Your driving licence is not limited in time
  • Your driving licence is due to expire or expired
  • You have got your driving licence abroad EU

2. You are a non-EU citizen and a resident in Spain


EU licences can only be renewed in the holder’s country of residence.
In addition, the licence terms of their country of residence will apply. This means that if a driver with a licence from an EU or EEA country other than Spain is resident in Spain, they will have to renew their licence every ten years if they are under the age of 65, and every five years if they are over the age of 65. Renewing an EU/EEA licence in Spain effectively converts it into a Spanish EU licence. Several EU countries issue licences that are valid for life, but in Spain, these will only be valid for five or ten years.  Those who do not renew their licences may be fined. The licence must be renewed within 2 years of the first day of the driver’s official residency in Spain.

Trafico will not exchange:

  • Driving licences obtained on a later date than the signing of the convention being legally resident in spain. (in the case of the republic of korea the date on which the driving licence was obtained may be later than that of the legal residence)
  • Driving licences obtained from a licence exchanged from another country that does not have an exchange agreement with spain
  • Drivers who are not residents in Spain

We can exchange your driving licence in Malaga
(including all Malaga Province)

What do we need from you to exchange your driving licence in Malaga?

Basically, we need the following:

1. To exchange your current driving licence:

  • valid passport or national identity card;
  • proof of residence (Certificate of Registration in the Central Aliens Register ie. your NIE number or
  • Número de Identificación de Extranjer);
  • valid driving licence to be exchanged (original and photocopy);
  • two recent photographs (32x25mm);
  • declaration in writing that you have not been banned or suspended from driving;
  • declaration in writing that you do not hold another driver’s licence of the same class in another country.

2. To replace a lost driving licence:

If you lose your driving licence, please contact us.

driving licence exchange in malaga

About the Licence ADDRESS

While it is completely legal to use the EU-issued licence until it expires, it is not possible to change the address on the EU licence to an address outside of the issuing country. It is generally accepted within the rules that the address on the licence will be from the issuing country and may not be the drivers’ actual residential address.

And to replace/exchange a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed driving licence?

To replace/exchange a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed driving licence, we will need:

  • Valid national identity card, passport or residence permit
  • 32 x 26 mm recent colour photograph
  • The original driving licence (in case of damaged licence)
  • Public Fee of €20
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