Receive legal advice in Spain.
An exclusive service for Expats.

There are many situations when living in Spain where uncertainty can become a problem: doubts when buying a house, problems with one of your providers, issues with a company, etc. Are you dissatisfied with an electricity bill? Our agency can help you as you deserve.


Do you need a NIE?
Do you need to get registered as an EU citizen in Spain (you are in Spain for more than 6 months, i.e. residencia) and you need your “permanent NIE” instead?


You may need a legal advice when buying a property in Spain, or maybe you need assistance once you have bought a house. Our team can help you in many ways. Just contact us and we will assist you.


As an Expat in Spain, if you come from outside Europe, you will need a VISA. Besides, if you are buying a property, thinking of building a house in a land or making any other legal activities in Spain, you need different permissions. Let us get them for you.

legal advice in spain
legal advice buying property in spain
legal advice buying property in spain
legal advice buying property in spain


Imagine you need an urgent lawyer or you get involved in a problem. Our team will quickly assist you, offering you any solutions you may need. We will take care of you.


Any field related to your daily life in Spain: insurances, legal and budgetary documents, complaints, contracts. We collaborate with one of the best legal offices in Spain and OCU, the main organization of customers in Spain

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