1. Government does not entirely cover this service
2. We are experts in immigration
3. There is not an Expat Agency anywhere else in Spain
4. We do our best to assist you
5. We love foreigners!

5 reasons to work for expatriates

1. Government does not entirely cover this service
2. We are experts in immigration
3. There is not an Expat Agency anywhere else in Spain
4. We do our best to assist you
5. We love foreigners!

A professional team with expertise working with foreigners

An attorney, a teacher, an assistant and a former offical are the best mix to form a team to help Expats in Spain. That was the main reason to choose a name as spain-help.com.

You can find several british, french, american and russian companies and workers in Spain offering to help you. However, the most of them belong to a Real Estate company, or they have some kind of partnership.

We have no relation, or agreement with any Real State company in Spain. In fact, our aim is to help our customers by trying to find the best deal for them.

Furthermore, nobody may help you in Spain more efficiently than us. Why? Because most of us are native Spanish from Spain used to working with/for foreigners. Some compatriots from your country may understand you very well, but they will never be able to advise you as well as a Spanish who studied, grew up and knows Spain, Spanish people and it’s rules.




Javier Rodríguez
Expert in Inmigration and Intercultural Exchange. He studied Law at 3 different countries.


Dominika Adamska
Came from Poland but has been living for a lot of years in Spain and assisting foreigners.


Lucía Braun
Half German, half Spanish, has been living in Spain her whole life. She speaks 5 languages.


Fernando Aguilar
He is a reputable attorney in Malaga and speaks fluent English.



Here you have some rules according to the Spanish laws if you want to enter Spain with some of your lovely friends!

Dogs, cats, ferrets that travel in the same means of transport as their owner (or a representative thereof).

REPRESENTATIVE OF THE OWNER (like a transport agency)
Any person who takes responsibility for the animal during the trip on behalf of the owner.

It must comply with ISO 11784 or Annex A of ISO 11785. Otherwise, the owner or his representative must provide the means to read them.

It will be carried out with an inactivated vaccine of at least one antigenic unit per dose (WHO standard).

It will be carried out in a laboratory authorized by the EU from a serum sample taken by an authorized veterinarian, at least thirty days after the vaccination and three months before displacement.
Satisfactory level of protection: at least 0.5 IU / ml. For the United Kingdom, the serum sample must be obtained 6 months before the animal leaves.

Official document established for companion animals of community origin.

The animals must be properly conditioned in cages or containers that can be obtained from the airline. The cage will have a clear identification of the address and phone number of the owner. Tell your airline your intention to travel with a pet.

Countries in the geographical area of ​​the EU
Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San
Marino, Switzerland and Vatican.

Third countries included in the list
USA, Russia, Canada, Japan and Australia among others (see updated list).

Third countries not included in the list
Other countries that do not appear in any of the previous points.
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We asked the vet & Defra about our giant rabbit & king snake.. they said no problem

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Get more resident foreign customers around Costa del Sol. It is FREE.

Become a Expat Club's partner to get more clients around Costa del Sol. We just ask you to provide support in English at least and offer a symbolic discount, offer or benefit for expatriates around Malaga. It is free for both partners and members.

For more info, please visit www.spain-help.com/partnership/
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