PARTNERSHIP (expat club)

  • What are the requirements to become a partner?

At the moment, the only one requirement is offering a discount and/or special advantages to the Expat Club members using this card.

  • Why should I become a partner?

There are lots of Expatriates living around Costa del Sol. They appreciate and use offers, discounts and/or benefits, usually it makes the difference between different companies and shops when expats must decide to choose a place to go.

Besides, we offer to publish your logo and/or other information about your business as our partner.

  • How much does it cost?

Expat Agency is not asking any fees yet, at least until next 20th of August 2019.

  • How can I become a partner?

If you want to become a partner to offer discounts and benefits for foreigners living in Spain, you must contact us. We will send you a simple agreement to ensure our Expats will do get the discount you offer.

If you want to become a partner, please contact us.

  • What is the minimun discount I can offer?

Discounts are set at a minimum of the 5% from the real price. Partners can offer this discount by a percentage or in Euros (€). An alternative benefit or advantage may be accepted.

  • How long does partnership take?

Except in exceptional cases. There is a minimum 6-months partnership period since the signing of the contract.

  • What happens if there is any incidence or issue with an Expat Club card’s holder?

The partner is under an obligation to enforce the offfered discount or benefit during its validity period. Our cards include its holder data. It is the responsibility of the partner or any of its workers to identify the Expat Club card’s holder. Expat Agency reserves the right of recourse to the partner responsible of any breach of contract according to the Spanish laws. Besides, this agency reserves the right to immediately suspend the partnership agreement.

Independently from all the previously stated, the affected expat may submit any relevant complaint and/or take legal acts against those partners which do not fulfil the agreed discounts.

...and IT IS FREE!

...and IT IS FREE!

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